•Ground Penetrating Radar
•Electrical Resistivity
•Magentometer Gradiometer Studies

•Subaqueous Seismic Reflection Profiling

Geophysical methods are utilized when non-invasive techniques are required. Ground Penetrating Radar transmis radar into the subsurface. When radarl encounters objects or soil with different dielectric properties a reflection is produced. Electrical Resistivity is usedto detect areas that have higher or lower electrical resistance than the surrounding soils. This technique can be used to delineate cultural features, unmarked graves, shallow sub-surface utilities, depth to water table and geologic anomolies. Magentometer Surveys utilize a sensor to measure the strength of the Earth's magnetic field. Buried cultural features, building foundations and metallic objects produce a localized anomolies in the Earths magnetic field that are detectable during magnetometer surveys.

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